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Dental hygiene is essential because it affects the overall health and the personality. To uphold good dental hygiene one should keep their teeth clean, strong and healthy. The practice of good hygiene on regular basis has a lot of benefits. It helps in the prevention of cavities that cause a toothache, fillings, root canals, crowns and gum diseases. A little more effort is needed to take care of our teeth than just brushing in the morning and before going to bed. The following are some basic hygiene practices that help in preserving a long lasting smile that is healthy and promotes overall health.


Basic teeth cleaning are the first one. For one to have a perfect dental hygiene it is important to brush your teeth properly. A person should take time while brushing and make sure the teeth are covered at the back of the mouth. The toothbrush should be put in an angle of 45 degrees close to the gum line for proper brushing. The outer surface of the teeth should be brushed thoroughly by the use of back and forth motion. The teeth should be brushed twice after every meal. The tongue and roof of your mouth should always be brushed to remove bacteria which lead to bad breath. Consult with a dentist in northbrook il to know more. 


Teeth flossing are another practice that helps dental hygiene. This is because brushing only cleans the surfaces that are reachable. A dental floss helps in eliminating food debris and harmful substances that cause cavities. Flossing should be done after brushing at least once in a day. A good mouthwash is effective for in ensuring that remaining bacteria is washed out. For a perfect breath, an antiseptic mouth wash will help but one should be careful not to swallow it.


Practicing good eating habits helps in maintaining the right dental hygiene. A diet should be nutritious and limit the intake of snacks. This is because foods that contain more sugar attacks the teeth soon after eating them. A person should eat fruits instead like apples and pears. Such fruits have a crisp texture which helps in cleaning the teeth as you eat. Chewing sugarless gum will increase the amount of saliva in the mouth and reduce the formation of cavities. Brush your teeth after eating food that is sugary to prevent acid from forming.


Periodic visits to northbrook dental clinics are also important. This will ensure that your teeth are cleaned by a professional regularly. A dentist will also gently take away plaque and substances that are nasty which accumulate below the gums. This can result in serious problems if not dealt with. Checkups that are regular helps in preventing dental health problems.